Secure, private and anonymous messaging service for confidential helpline providers

Live Chat

Chat with your helpline users in real-time. A link from your website or Facebook page will connect them to a secure, web-based chat with a member of your helpline team. With no software to install and an emphasis on client anonymity, our Live Chat service enables your helpline users to contact you in confidence from any device.

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SMS Text Message

Support your helpline users by receiving their SMS text messages using our high-throughput virtual or hosted mobile number solutions. Your team will access an anonymised profile that doesn’t disclose the user’s mobile number. Send your SMS text message replies using our low-latency, high-throughput SMS gateway.

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Receive emails sent by helpline users to your helpline email address. Your team will access a shared mailbox through our secure, web-based messaging portal.  Your volunteers can respond by email with their messages of support and advice without revealing the user’s email address and compromising client confidentiality.

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